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NRA Affiliated. Supporting Pistol, Rifle, 3-Gun, Archery, Revolver, and Shotgun.

Club Events Info

mgc_hdrThe Muskogee Gun Club sponsors a number of events for our members as well as hosting events in conjunction with other groups.

Event Types Event Descriptions
Club Meetings
Discussion, learning, swapping, story telling, shooting practice. See this page for dates, times, and locations.
Bowling Pin Matches
Marksmanship competition using bowling pins.
Brownell’s/NRA Youth Day
An annual event to help young people see guns in their true perspective. We have held 2 of these events. The kids had a great time.
Member Introductory Classes Required for new members to acquaint them with range rules, conduct, and other information deemed necessary by the instructor. Held when a sufficient number of new members is available.
Membership Renewal Meetings Members who have attended at least one Introductory Class need only bring their dues and pick up their new Membership Cards and Gate Key.
MGC Defensive Pistol Matches
Shooting at a target on a range is one thing. Shooting at an assailant when bystanders and loved ones are around is another. These matches help you deal with the latter.
Military Bolt Action Bench Rest Shoots
  • Entry Fee.
  • 30 rounds of ammunition required for 3 courses of fire.
  • Target is SR-21 at 100 yards.
  • First 2 courses of fire are measured for group as well as accuracy.
  • Last course is for accuracy only.
  • Allowable firearms (non-inclusive):
    • any Bolt Action Military Rifle in original condition as issued by country of origin.
    • No scopes allowed; iron sights only.
    • Any modification must have been done by a government body, i.e., k98k German Mauser from WWII issue modified post WWII by Israel to 7.62 NATO (308 Win) qualifies, but a German k98k Mauser that your uncle Bob stuck a 30-06 barrel on does NOT qualify.
Range Clean-Up & Maintenance Times A necessary part of any organization is keeping the facilities in good condition and repair.  As members, we all pitch in.  The Range Cleanup days will be Listed as they are made, so bring your rakes, gloves, sunscreen, weedeaters etc.
Special Events These could range from holiday gatherings to private shooting matches. Contact one of the officers for more info.
Special Meetings Club Officer elections and meetings held for special purposes as deemed necessary by the officers.
Swap Meets A way for members to gather and trade items.
Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Matches
Matches designed for training and educating U. S. citizens in responsible uses of firearms and airguns through gun safety training, marksmanship training and competitions. CMP Rulebook
International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA)
Qualifying matches held occasionally as member interest is indicated.
NRA Affiliated. Supporting Pistol, Rifle, 3-Gun, Archery, Revolver, and Shotgun.

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Regular Monthly Meetings

Are held @ the Muskogee Public Library located @ 801 W. Okmulgee Ave, Muskogee, OK 74401 on the 3rd Monday of the Month, Except for JAN. & FEB. due to Holidays it's the 3rd Tuesday

Terrorism Advisory

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